Well Drilling

Drilling sites have been pinpointed by geologists, in order to minimize risk and impact on the environment.  The local climate is also taken into consideration along with social issues.

Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction always starts with years of planning, there are feasibility and environmental impact studies that need to take place before it is time to put down the pipeline.

Clean Up Services

Oil is dangerous and time is of the essence, oil spills can contaminate water and the soil and because of its flammability there is always the danger of a fire.

About Us

Oilfield News is an independent oilfield services company that is dedicated to giving our customers the best service that we can provide.  We are a rapidly growing company that strives for the highest standards.  We have the tools and experienced personnel in the oilfield services market.  We are dedicated to success with our primary focus on safety.

We have been a staple in the oil industry in Alberta for almost two decades and provide a wide variety of services some of which include, clean up, well drilling, tubing services, control services and wireline services.  If you would like to see if we can help make your project come together then please contact us.

Serving the Oil Industry for More than a Decade

We have been proud to serve the Alberta oil industry for more than a decade. We would love to work with you on your next project.